April 2012

Musician turnover makes recording difficult for JJ & The Rogues

The lineup of popular Fort Worth rockers JJ & The Rogues suddenly changed during the past two weeks. Half of the band - The Rogues - have decided to leave for personal reasons. The only remaining members are the two Js. While most bands face musicians coming and going, it doesn't usually happen while a group is trying to record a new album. Unfortunately for this group, that is exactly how it went down.

Before the turnover, the group consisted of Jameson Cockerell (guitar/vocals), Josh Townley (guitar/keyboards), Chris Carfa (bass), and Eric Navatil (drums). The group's first EP, Indifference, was released in 2009. It was widely received by both critics and fans. They were silent until May of 2011, when they came out with their second EP, Stare Down. It earned a 2011 Weekly Awards nomination for Best Comeback Band. They are currently laying down tracks for their next album, Sweet Talker.