February 2012

What About the Bands Not Invited to 35 Denton?

35 des Refuses will perform the same weekend as 35 Denton Festival.

35 Denton is featuring several of the most popular bands in the Metroplex, but what about the great acts that weren't invited to play?

At least two dozen bands who were not selected to perform at 35 Denton, have joined together to put on their own festival. They call themselves 35 des Refuses, and their concerts will be held during the same weekend as the festival.

Famous Fort Worth Musicians

In an effort to learn more about the music of my hometown, I've been doing a bit of research. I know it's hard to believe that a girl born and raised in Cowtown cannot stand country music, rodeos or line dancing - but that's me! I was desperate to find out if anyone famous has come out of this one-horse town (ok, so it's MUCH larger than that). To my surprise, there have been several successful Fort Worth musicians, and no, not all of them sing about dogs, divorce and pickup trucks.

Hashem Assadullahi at the Scat Jazz Lounge

I've been racking my brain for upcoming Fort Worth concerts that are worth mentioning, and I've been increasingly disappointed. I'm tired of the Fort Worth scene being full of karaoke, line dancing and frat bands. It's time for Cowtown to venture into some of the better shows that Dallas has to offer.

Just when I thought I would never find anything to talk about, I came across a show at the Scat Jazz Lounge. I'll be the first to admit that jazz is not always my genre of choice, but the performer Hashem Assadullahi is absolutely amazing and worth checking out.

Man Factory - 'Sagat 7'3"'

So there's this trilogy of albums in progress that are powerpop operas about Street Fighter. And they are ear candy. And this is part of the second one.