December 2011

Best Live Music Venues in Fort Worth

Live music has really taken off in Fort Worth over the last decade. The city features an array of talent from many different genres. Not only do music lovers find country music in Fort Worth, but they can also enjoy live rock shows, dance clubs and even classical performances in the city.

There are several fantastic music venues for every type of concert imaginable. Knowing which venues to check out will make your weekends a lot more note worthy (pun intended).

Willie Nelson Returns to Fort Worth

On the Road Again...

American music legend Willie Nelson will be returning to Fort Worth on Friday, January 6 at Billy Bob's Texas in Fort Worth.

The Texan native is well-known for his country hits that have topped the charts for decades. His unique take on music has set him apart from the rest and allowed Nelson to attract listeners from all over the world. You do not have to be a country music enthusiast to fall in love with the music of Willie Nelson.

War Party - 'Beginner's Luck'

The songs on War Party's debut LP Year of the D-g manage to carry an emotional heft usually absent from the garage-punk genre. Like the Thermals and the Descendents before them, War Party uses an aggressive, offhand sound to exercise real introspection. An impressive start from a very young Fort Worth band.