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Hashem Assadullahi at the Scat Jazz Lounge

I've been racking my brain for upcoming Fort Worth concerts that are worth mentioning, and I've been increasingly disappointed. I'm tired of the Fort Worth scene being full of karaoke, line dancing and frat bands. It's time for Cowtown to venture into some of the better shows that Dallas has to offer.

Just when I thought I would never find anything to talk about, I came across a show at the Scat Jazz Lounge. I'll be the first to admit that jazz is not always my genre of choice, but the performer Hashem Assadullahi is absolutely amazing and worth checking out.

Before I start talking too much about the show, I have to add a disclaimer. Hashem is a good friend of mine. I met him when we were both undergrad music students. He is a super talented saxophonist, and he is also one of the funniest people you will ever meet. With that being said, this is a show that any jazz lover should make a point of seeing.

A Texas native, Hashem Assadullahi is versed not only in jazz, but also classical, big band and contemporary music. He can adapt to any genre, which as allowed him to perform with some great musicians, including The Platters, Ron Miles and Ben Monder. He not only continues to perform with his own band, but he is also very desired by jazz musicians all over the country.

The show starts at 8 PM on Thursday, February 23. Sit back and have a martini, as this is a 21 and older show. Dress nicely, as the Scat Jazz Lounge does not allow baseball caps or torn jeans. I know that I'll be getting there early to grab a front row seat. Hope to meet a few of you music lovers there!