What About the Bands Not Invited to 35 Denton?

What About the Bands Not Invited to 35 Denton?

35 des Refuses will perform the same weekend as 35 Denton Festival.

35 Denton is featuring several of the most popular bands in the Metroplex, but what about the great acts that weren't invited to play?

At least two dozen bands who were not selected to perform at 35 Denton, have joined together to put on their own festival. They call themselves 35 des Refuses, and their concerts will be held during the same weekend as the festival.

All of the bands, with the exception of Fab Deuce, applied to play but were denied a set. Instead of taking the weekend off, they decided to throw their own concert. The organizer of the event, Richard Haskins of The Wee-Beasties, told media that their festival is not in retaliation to 35 Denton. Instead, they want their acts to be a welcome addition to the festival. His goal is to showcase local music to the public.

Those in charge of 35 Denton are also excited for this line-up. There are no hard feelings between the two organizations.

Brave Combo will be headlining the show. Their fun, upbeat polka music has been a hit in the DFW area for many years. It is rumored that they will begin their set with Christmas music. Yep, you heard that right, Christmas music in March.

Other bands that will be performing include Band Nerds, Lovesick Mary, Juicy the Emissary and Whiskey Tongue Burlesque.

Unlike the festivities at 35 Denton, the concerts by 35 des Refuses will be completely free. The bands will be performing from noon to 9pm at A Creative Art Studio in Denton on Saturday, March 10. The musicians have even combined funds to provide free beer and food to the attendees.