Fort Worth Bands Doing a Good Deed

Fort Worth Bands Doing a Good Deed

When Patrick and Melanie Higgins' five-year-old daughter was diagnosed Glioblastoma Multiforme, their world came tumbling down. Not only was their daughter, Maddie, fighting for her life, but the family was also quickly finding out how expensive medical treatment actually is. Thankfully, the couple has some good friends in their court. Several Fort Worth based bands came together to raise awareness and money for little Maddie.

The Fight for Maddie was formed by local musicians who just wanted to help out the little girl. This weekend, The Octopus Project, Peopleodian, Lower Dens, War Party, Carey Wolff and Doom Ghost will be performing "Phase 4" for the benefit. All proceeds from the show go directly towards a medical fund for Maddie, split evenly with a program to spread awareness of this rare brain disease.

While it's too late to make it to this weekend's show, the Fight for Maddie Foundation is planning another benefit on April 17 in Denton. So far, the concerts have brought much needed financial and emotional support to a family in crisis.

Glioblastoma Multiforme is an aggressive and malignant brain tumor. It is the most common type of brain tumor in adults, but it is very rare in children. The disease is often fatal, but modern medicine has been able to save many people from this form of cancer. Little Maddie is doing everything she can to beat this disease. She has the best oncologists helping her, and the outpouring of support she has received is astounding.

For more information on the Fight for Maddie and upcoming benefit concerts, visit their Facebook page. The bands that are donating their time and talents for this little girl are nothing less than angels.