Famous Fort Worth Musicians

Famous Fort Worth Musicians

In an effort to learn more about the music of my hometown, I've been doing a bit of research. I know it's hard to believe that a girl born and raised in Cowtown cannot stand country music, rodeos or line dancing - but that's me! I was desperate to find out if anyone famous has come out of this one-horse town (ok, so it's MUCH larger than that). To my surprise, there have been several successful Fort Worth musicians, and no, not all of them sing about dogs, divorce and pickup trucks.

Van Cliburn

Anyone from Fort Worth has heard the name Van Cliburn. He is a virtuoso pianist that has become an icon for the city. Van Cliburn won several piano competitions that launched him to international fame. Every year, we pay homage to his talents by hosting the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition. Only the best pianists from all over the world participate in this spectacular musical event.

T-Bone Burnett

Successful singer/songwriter T-Bone Burnett was born in Fort Worth in 1948. He started his career by playing guitar for Bob Dylan in the Rolling Thunder Revue. Soon he began his own solo career, which progressed to producing. A few of his famous clients include John Mellencamp, Counting Crows and The Wallflowers. He added music to many films, such as The Big Lebowski and Walk the Line. As if that weren't enough, many of his songs have been covered by other music greats over the years.

Kelly Clarkson

If you don't recognize this name, then you are truly not American. Kelly Clarkson became the first winner of the popular singing competition American Idol in 2002. She quickly became a household name. Ever since her big win, Clarkson has been releasing hit after hit. To date, she is the single most successful American Idol winner, with a career that doesn't seem to be cooling down any time soon.

There are actually more that can be added to this list. It feels good to know that Fort Worth has contributed to the music world with more than just cowboy boots and southern twangs.