Best Live Music Venues in Fort Worth

Best Live Music Venues in Fort Worth

Live music has really taken off in Fort Worth over the last decade. The city features an array of talent from many different genres. Not only do music lovers find country music in Fort Worth, but they can also enjoy live rock shows, dance clubs and even classical performances in the city.

There are several fantastic music venues for every type of concert imaginable. Knowing which venues to check out will make your weekends a lot more note worthy (pun intended).

Billy Bob's Texas

Located in the heart of the Stockyards, Billy Bob's has been one of the premier country music venues for many decades. Not only do famous acts perform here, but music lovers can also line dance to some of their favorite local country singers.

Lola's Saloon

Also situated in the Stockyards, Lola's mainly features rock music from local bands. The intimate setting makes it an ideal setting for listening to some of your favorite artists.

The Moon

Featuring Indie/Rock bands from all over the Metroplex, the Moon is a staple in the city. In the next year, it will be moving to the Ridglea Theater, a much larger location. Once it reopens there, the Moon is sure to become more popular than ever.

The Aardvark

Close to Texas Christian University, the Aardvark has been the local hangout of college students ever since it opened. On any given weekend, you will find the most current college tunes being played to a young crowd.

Bass Performance Hall

For those seeking classical music, the Bass Performance Hall is one of the most prolific performance venues in the country. Designed for concerts, plays and dance, the Bass Hall continues to sellout shows on a daily basis.

For those who live in Fort Worth, these venues are regular part of our weekend adventures. Those looking to visit the city should check them out and catch some great music.